Exact automated dosing of propylene glycol


Use PropyDos to prevent ketosis and to enhance health and milk production of your cows.

L'port closing gate

Feeding in peace and quiet without pushy cows


Using Hanskamp AgroTech's innovative L'port closing gate, all your cows will take in the proper quantity of concentrates and you will save on veterinary costs.


Less concentrate and a calmer atmosphere in the milking stall


The PipeFeeder provides small portions of feedconcentrate with great accuracy throughout the entire milking period. The benefit to you? Quieter, quicker milking with considerably less concentrate fed.

Hanskamp AgroTech

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Hanskamp AgroTech: practical products for dairy farming


As a dairy farmer, you do not just want a good (milk) production, but the best for your animals as well. After all, a cow or goat that feels well will give more milk and has a longer life. At Hanskamp AgroTech, we are aware of this more than anyone else.

That is why we provide innovative, practice-based solutions that improve your animals' welfare, enhance your milk production and make things easier for you.

From smart feed dispensers and sublime milking parlour feeding to practical Closing Gates enabling your animals to feed in peace.




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